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Our philosophy

The Radspannerei has been around for more than 10 years, right in the middle of Kreuzberg. Most of our customers commute all year around. Being ourselves a bunch of dedicated cyclists and mechanics, we never felt like like selling bikes we wouldn't want to ride. That's why we've decided to focus on bicycles made of steel.

Why steel you ask? Steel is in many ways more appropriate than other materials for commuting and touring. We like the way thin steel tubes look, and how long-lasting they are. Aluminium breaks, when steel bends back. Its elasticity, combined with the right geometry, makes for a comfier ride and lets you give up on a suspension fork, thus saving weight and making your bike more energy efficient and reliable.


Our concept is a fast and well-equiped workshop (repairs are usually done within 24 hours), where we can look together at your bike and discuss possible repairs. Our aim is to understand your excpectations and needs, and address the repair accordingly.

We make a point to stay understanding, and take time for our customers' problems. No nerdy arrogance here! Bicycles are a mean of transportation, and we welcome people who simply want theirs to function properly, just as well as bike fanatics.


Our address and opening hours:

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10999 Berlin

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